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Birth Destiny



Raven Speaks


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Beauty in Slow Life

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Searching for Existence

Stars float by in the night sky illuminating my every unspoken wish. Large yellow moon shines on my unfulfilled dreams. I am overwhelmed with thoughts of what if’s. Instead of looking for the why not’s.

Following the path of those before me I’m guided thru the darkness by trails of dropped hopes. I must walk to the end and there I will finally find the meaning of my existence.

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Blinded by the Truth

Forever is a long time to wait for you, but if that’s what it takes then that is what I must do.
You are buried deep in my heart, longing for you I know is only the start.
I would gladly stare into the sun to find you, even if it blinded me from what I know is true.
You have moved on and have gone away, but I know someday you will come home to stay.


Friendship Game

Originally posted on Crazy Cat Lady Rantings:

We are different that is true, but the same,
We don’t need to be part of the hate game.

We are two peas in a pod as the saying goes.
Together we weather all our woes.

The world would like us to separate and divide.
But we know we ain’t going to fall for that and vow to stick by each other’s side.

Friendship knows no color, no religion, no creed.
Friendship is gained by respect, trust and mutual need.

Thanks to all who call me friend, I’m glad you chose me to be in your life.
Because without you, my future wouldn’t be as bright.

Maybe friendship really is magic!

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