Life Lemons and Answered Prayers

Life has tossed me a huge lemon. My husband is in the hospital with a blood infection. He is 8 yrs out of transplant surgery for kidney and pancreas so this is a bigger deal than most. Blood infections are bad in healthy people let alone someone who is immunosuppressed. He is getting the intravenous antibiotics he needs and thankfully he is on the mend.

Me? my nerves are shot, compounded by another round of ridiculous snow we have gotten yet once again that is preventing me from going to the hospital today and seeing him. He has been so out of it and sleeping constantly in the hospital that I was feeling helpless not being able to be there today to help him drink his fluids and talk to the doctors for him. I imagined a day of pacing in my snowbound house with the dogs thinking I had gone crazy. I called his room and no answer. This of course rose my panic level up another notch.

So I prayed yet again, not just for his recovery but also for my sanity.

God heard my simple request, My cell phone rang and it was the hubby sounding alert and even talking to the Docs that were traipsing in and out of his room. His complaining of his forced liquid diet was a salve to my heart!.

So today I thank God for answering my simple prayer. Proof positive he listens and cares for all of us who seek him. I thank all of you who will read this and know I appreciate all of you.

True happiness is not about the stuff you accumulate but the little joys and simple things like a phone call and an answered prayer.

One last thing, if you have never considered being an organ donor I implore you to look into it and get the facts.

Become an Organ Donor | organdonor.gov


2 thoughts on “Life Lemons and Answered Prayers

  1. This is a great, heartfelt post and I lifted a prayer for you both. Want a little chuckle? In my reader, the only thing I saw was, “Life has tossed me a huge lemon, My husband.”

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