Broomsticks and ketchup: More sexist ads

That Retro Blog

Well, here we are again, with another round of sexist ads, brought to my attention courtesy of my dear friend Mental Mama, who also has a sick, twisted mind.

These ads rarely surprise me anymore.

This is an ad for slacks, not a gang-bang clip. (Sorry to disappoint.)

Ring around Rosie, or Carol. Even Eleanor. I guess it was okay to treat woman like playthings back then. The use of subtle sexual innuendo seems to be the norm.

Which broomstick will she pick, I wonder? I’ve voting for the guy in the back, he seems to be having a jolly time.

Her mood ring must be faulty, it’s on sex kitten mode.

The day I lay on the floor staring at my mans dress shoe is the day I also start wearing a babushka and answer to the name of Maw.

Which means never.

“Here, darling. I made some fresh…

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