I happened to be taking a break at work and spotted one of my co-workers who works in a different department. She even goes to conventions and does cosplay, which is totally not my thing. I haven’t dressed in character since my Threepio and Wonder Woman underoos days. Well, correction, I did dress up as She-Ra when I was about seven. I know that she’s into sci-fi and superhero movies which is to what I watch. I grew up reading Marvel Comics so I know the characters.

Anyway, I saw her in the lunch area and mentioned that I saw the new Captain America movie. I asked her if she’d seen it and she ranted into this two minute dissertation about her reasons for not seeing it. This was wrong, that’s wrong and this thing isn’t true to the comics so she has no intention of seeing it. She also refuses to have anything to do with the upcoming second Avengers movie for some other strange reason, whatever. But she did point out that she would be seeing the next Xmen movie because she loves her mutants.

I should have known better, because a few months ago she asked if I watched the Marvel tv show Agents of Shield. I was in the middle of explaining why I couldn’t get into it after five episodes and she gave me the brush off. I basically got the feeling that I was an idiot for not watching and I should leave her presence.

One of the things I don’t understand is fanboy or fangirl culture. The internet was on fire when word got out that there was a possibility that The Rock would be playing the black Green Lantern. They didn’t feel that he was ‘black’ enough for the role. Or what about the fanboy outrage when it was announced that Michael B. Jordan, a black actor, will be playing a white character, the Human Torch? Or the multiple complaints of the Transformers from the movies not looking like they did in the cartoon.  If they sniff out anything they don’t like, they go ballistic.

It ain’t that serious. We’re not talking about Shakespeare’s works being trampled on, we’re talking about cartoons and comics being brought to life. It’s a freaking movie. If the color of a superhero’s uniform in a comic book movie is something you get hysterical about, then you really need to reevaluate your priorities. It’s just a movie. Sit your butt in the chair, grab your popcorn and enjoy. Besides in about five years they’ll be ready to reboot the franchise anyway.


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