Book Review: The Power of Six by Nicholas Rossis

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The Power of Six amazed me. Being a sci-fi fan, I’ve read a multitude of short stories from the masters of the genre, like Philip K. Dick and Brian Aldiss and I was dumbfounded by the similarities in places. For example, “Simulation Over” might as well have been written by either of the aforementioned sci-fi geniuses! Nicholas Rossis engages the reader with unexpected twists and turns, life-like characters and endings that give you quite a jolt! It is hard to pick favorites as each story was unique and equally entertaining but I must say that I particularly enjoyed “The Sentry”. I found it utterly delightful and brilliant!

I’ve read the first two books of this author’s Pearseus series and so, I was confident that I’d picked up a book that was bound to demonstrate excellence of both thought and language. Yet, nothing could have prepared me for the originality and…

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Handle Your Scandal

Today, I went to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was a packed house and kinda warm so I stood up to take off my coat. While I was standing up I happened to accidentally catch a glimpse of the phone of the guy in front of me. He had one of those Samsung phones that are as big as a billboard and he’d just received a message from a female. I knew it was a female because she sent him a pic of her in a bra.

What kind of woman would disrespect herself and send this idiot a selfie of herself in her unmentionables? I wondered. Just as I happened to accidentally catch a peek of his phone, how many other people had been involuntarily exposed to the rather personal photos on his obscenely huge phone. Did she realize how careless he was with his cell phone when she sent the photos.

I soon found out what kind of man he was when the woman he was with, who was too top heavy to be the woman in the picture showed up and sat beside him. Of course she was the one to go to the snack bar and carry the food back while he was sitting back receiving Victoria’s Secrets worthy photos. Hmm..She sure picked a winner.

Whatever, he can handle his scandal. Just more fodder for my stories.