MoonChyld’s Entertainment – True Blood: The Men of Bon Temps

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HBO As we come to a close on this phenomenally supernatural show, let’s show some love  to the good old boys of Bon Temps.

In the tone of the song for True Blood begins – when Bill Compton came in the air went out. When Sookie and Bill met eyes it was over for the telepathic Merlotte’s waitress and fans around the world. When show runner Alan Ball took a liking to the first book of The Southern Vampire Mysteries and stated the tagline “tagline here” he felt this would be a great show. It wasn’t just great Mr. Ball – it was phenomenal.

Most of us entered the world of Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana in 2008 when HBO premiered the show True Blood to the masses; but there were people who read the books already knowing the characters intimately. It seems the casting was spot on and the…

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