Women are a Trip

Tell it Like it is

I was out this morning with my mother doing some grocery shopping at Walmart. Way back when before I finally stopped procrastinating with my writing, I worked for Walmart.

For 5 years I worked the midnight shift at the store where my mother has been for 15 years. I left in 2007 to take some college courses while working part time. When I needed full time work I went to another Walmart location and worked there for almost 3 years before getting my current job. As of July 15th I’ve been at my current job for 4 years.

Anyway, we’re at the register paying for our food when this inhuman shriek shatters the silence of the store. Running up to us is one of my mother’s old co-workers, let’s call her Ms. A.

To give you a little background on Ms. A, she got fired from my mother’s store ages…

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