Sports And The Culture of Abuse

Crazy Cat Lady Rantings

I pose a weekly tell the truth question on my personal Face Book account for just my friends and family. Normally I keep it light with generic fun questions, but in light of the NFL’s response and fall out over Ray Rice, I felt like posing a real question about the situation. Now I have read several reporters and heard TV news opinions on the situation, but wondered what people in my inner circle really thought of the issue. Like my late father used to say, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.

Look familiar to todays stadiums? Coliseum forerunner to our stadiums

gladiators vanquishing your opponents for fame and glory

emporer thumbs down Proverbial thumbs down. To lose could have cost you your life at the whim of the emperor and cheers of the crowd.

All societies have their allowable offences with their celebrities and sports figures. The world forgives their idiocy and idiosyncrasies all for the love…

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