A morning in the life

Dogmana's Woofs and Wags

Who said retirement would be less busy? This is my morning!

I lie in bed between sleeping and waking. It feels so good. Just as I head toward just a few more minutes of sleep I hear a sharp squeal. Time to leave the warmth of my bed and get going. The squeal? It is from my Jack Russell/greyhound mix, at least that is what I think she is. Oh yes, she is totally blind, and how she knows it is morning … Maybe the same way I do?

I roll out of bed and to the tune of intermittent squeaks and barks, (working on curbing this, but she is a hound after all!, I dress and go to my kitchen to make coffee and get my leash. My guide is quietly in bed. She knows Sangria won’t let her go out first so, “whatever! I’ll stay here and be…

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