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Danielle Labouleaux’s encounter with Aiden Stone

Excerpt from The Body Hunters

Who the hell could that be at this hour? She grumbled to herself. Surely  Gerard would not have forgotten his key. She padded in bare feet to the big oak  door letting the coolness of the ceramic tiles chill her feet. The bell chimed a  third time.

“I’m coming!” She yelled with alot of attitude in her voice. If it was  one of Gerard’s reality show producers coming to kiss his ass some more, she was  going to blow her top!

Danny swung the big oak door open and was startled by the sight. Two men  stood in the doorway, one in a dark blue suit that looked like he had gotten it  off the rack at some bargain bin. He was kind of pudgy and average height. His  Hispanic features made him look like any number of men that lived in the area,  but he also looked like he was right out of high school. The second man was  totally different and exotic. He stood at the doorway, one large arm on the  doorjamb, looking extremely casual. He was a mountain she noticed. He has to be  at least 6’4, she thought to herself.

“I’m Agent Aiden Stone ma’am, and this is Agent Alejandro Ramirez. I  believe we spoke the other night.”

I didn’t know mountains could talk. Danny mused to herself, “And I believe I told you I wasn’t available,  Agent Stone.”

Stone had the gall to look amused. “And I believe I told you that I  needed your help before you hung up on me.”

“You’re an agent you say?” Danny retorted, never letting the door handle  go. “I can believe Agent Ramirez is an agent, but you Agent Stone, really? Jeans  and a polo shirt? I was unaware of the new dress code policy at the bureau. OK  boys out with the shields.”

Danny was not one to mess around; she was a civilian now and for all  intents and purposes was practically free of the Bureau. Whatever they wanted  from her, they were not going to get it.

Alejandro fumbled with his wallet in his back pocket trying to look more  experienced than he was. It was clear he was a rookie. Agent Stone stood  straight, and all 6’4 of him made her realize how small she now felt. His skin  tone was the color of a deep Hawaiian tan and he had a very island feel about  him. She could almost smell the coconuts and ocean breeze about him. He stood  before her looking very smug and confident. This irritated Danny as she watched  him reach into the front pocket of his impossibly tight jeans, lifting his polo  shirt slightly to show a little of his tight abs. She found herself staring a  little and turned her head away feeling some heat on her cheeks. Both men now  had their badges in front of her and she pretended to inspect them.

“Are you happy now?” Aiden asked, his tone sarcastic.

Danny folded her arms across her chest. “OK, fine, what do you guys  want?” she inquired, growing more irritated by the moment.

“Can we come in?” Aiden asked. “As I said over the phone I need help on  a cold case. We need to talk to you about it, just to pick your  brain.”

Figuring that the only way to get rid of the two G men would be to let  them in and hear their story, Danny decided to let them in only for a few  minutes. It would be kind of awkward explaining to Gerard why the Feds were  standing on their doorstep.

Danny led the way to the great room with the big round  chrome wall clock that now chimed 9:15 pm. Not wanting to keep them there any  longer than she had to, she purposely failed to offer them anything to drink.  Agent Ramirez was looking around the big room and was just grateful to be out of  the heat.