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Writer’s Kryptonite

Chances are if you’re a writer you’ve been afflicted by it. No matter how well you write, you’ve got a weakness, your writer’s kryptonite.

Some writers have issues with the ‘there’ family. You know, there, their, and the distant cousin they’re. Others have issues with the it sisters, it’s and its. I know what mine is, though I try to get work through my problem. You see my issue is then and than.

I can put the definition of each word in front of me and I still get it wrong 75% of the time. Sometimes my Word program will catch it, sometimes not so much. My poor little brain just can’t get wrapped around the difference. I’m only human so oh well and I never said I was perfect.

My coauthor Von pointed that very fact out to me yesterday. She had a lengthy conversation with our editor, Reggie who’s working through Book 3 in our series. When Reggie came across a particularly hot scene, it had my sticky fingerprints all over it because of my misuse of than and then. Von laughed at me and I happened to point out her kryptonite which is wave and waive. When you’re coauthors with somebody and you’re reading and editing the other person’s work, you have a tendency to pick out their weaknesses.

I’m not worried about it, I’ll overcome my kryptonite someday. I did the same thing with the bought and brought boys not too long ago.