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Technology In Lieu of Common Sense

“Uh-I don’t know what happened. I left the keys in the car and I shut the door and it locked.  The car’s not supposed to do that.”

In my secret non-author identity as a call center advisor, this is my most common call. Be it a dealer or customer, they’re always shocked that the car would have the sheer audacity to lock them out. After decades of human evolution when it comes to automobiles and locking the keys inside, you would think that we would have learned, but such is not the case. These so-called smart keys that are supposed to prevent such a situation have spoiled us.

Shockingly, most times they never blame themselves for locking the keys in the car or in the trunk. They’re angry and disgruntled, the victim of some form of trickery that the car has played on them. I even had one admit to pulling off on the highway to take a smoke and getting locked out.

Sometimes I just want to ask: What were you doing to get your keys locked in the car? Having a car that doesn’t have a smart key, I’m paranoid about getting locked out. I’m always aware of where my keys are when I get out of the car. And if it ever happens, I have a family member with an extra set, just in case. Maybe I’m crazy, but even with technology, I wouldn’t want to rely on a machine to save my butt in a jam.

Are we being dumbed down by technology, leaving common sense and our brains by the wayside? Are we getting too lazy to think, instead relying on Apps and computers to do it for us?

My grandmother used to carry an address book the size of a Yellow Pages in her purse, which she kept with her until the day she had her final stroke. Everyone from distant relative to close neighbor was listed in that book and she even kept a backup at home. Nowadays all our contacts are stored in our handy dandy smartphones. If your smartphone crashed, would you be able to remember your emergency contacts?

The same goes for driving. I’ve seen people pitch a fit because their GPS isn’t working. I know of people who get directions everyday for their commute. What happens when you can’t get directions?

What about something as simple as shopping? Do I really need to whip out my smartphone’s calculator to figure out what my discount at Macy’s will be?

I’m definitely not against technology, obviously it’s there for a reason. But every so often, maybe you might want to warm up those brain cells just to make sure they’re working right. It may save you a long wait for roadside because you locked your keys in your car.




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Divine Order

One of our readers and coworkers, Veronica came to me last week. She’s also a fellow artist, a poet and a vocalist. To accommodate a growing team at our office, her smaller team had been moved to a windowless room we call the ‘dungeon’. Without outside light or windows, she was feeling kind of claustrophobic and down in the dumps. She visited me at my desk last week rationalizing if she should leave and wondering why after all these years she still at the same job. I explained to her how things played out for me over the past few years and the reason things happened the way they did.

When I think about how things fell in place for me, I get the picture of one of those convoluted mouse traps from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, or better yet the invention Pee Wee Herman used to make his breakfast in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. No I’m not rambling, I’ve got a point here. If you can picture either one in your mind, the boot kicks the marble, which falls on the dominoes which set off a whole chain reaction of events which gets you to the desired end result. The same thing sort of happened for me, but in real world terms.

I was working for a big box craft store, I won’t say which, but I’ll never set foot in that dang store again. Anyway, I was there from the ground floor, hired to set up the store; building displays, shelving, and all that jazz. We were working seven days a week, twelve hour days getting this store ready for the opening. In the meantime I was also working my part time cleaning job, which was only like 3-4 hours every other day. I put it in my mind that I wanted to work the front end, cash registers, customer service, all that. As it got closer to opening, my other coworkers are getting in their heads where they want to be when the store opens. A wonderful woman, Carla, who was a vet with the company heard about what I wanted to do and took me under her wing. She trained me in how to run the front of the store in a management position and I in turn trained everyone else in the store on how to run registers.

The store opens and I’m unofficially in this supervisory position. Things are busy in the first few few weeks and the hours are plentiful. As the hype of the opening dies down, the store manager pairs me with a coworker who will be working alongside me. I teach her what Carla taught me and as the weeks go on, I see my work hours dwindle and hers stay at the same forty plus hours. I’m kind of upset about it and I talk to my friend who’s also in a supervisory position. She’s now an assistant manager and she tells me to hang in there. We both know the boss is a jerk; he’s the type to belittle an underling in front of the whole team. He was known for leaving some of the women employees in tears after a tongue lashing. She tells me to go the extra mile and show him that I’m worthy of the job. I follow her advice, even coming in on a Sunday, the day the store is closed. Hint, Hint ; )

A few weeks later he replaces the other supervisor I trained with another woman and my hours continue to dwindle under twenty hours a week. I’m the type to not think the worst of people or situations until its staring me in the face. I’m the only one of my persuasion working at the store and I’m watching everyone around me move up the food chain. Feeling used and abused, I decide its time to go somewhere else and I can’t just up and quit. This is Michigan and if you’ve got a job you’d better not leave one until you find another one.

I heard that a big retailer was building a super center in my area and I jumped at the chance. The crowd was so huge they had news cameras everywhere and I find myself on the twelve o’clock news that day. Gee, I hope no one at work sees. Despite the hours I spent in line I didn’t get the job. So I’m still in a funky mood and working for this peon. About a month later, I’m driving with mom in the passenger’s seat and I get a call from the HR lady from another location of that same retailer. She offers me a part time position in the deli which I politely decline since I’m working part time anyway. Mom yells at me ‘Girl you better take that job! You can always pick up hours! All you need is your foot in the door!’. I politely call back and accept the position.

I don’t just burn my bridge with that craft store; I douse it in gasoline and throw a Molotov cocktail at it. I have the satisfaction of calling that store manager as I’m walking into the doors of my new job for training and telling him he won’t have me to kick around anymore. I also left him a parting gift, a state investigation for discrimination. I don’t want the next brown girl going through what I did trying to advance with the company.

The new job goes fine and I meet Suzanne, who introduces me, an avid reader to books from Sandra Brown, David Baldacci, and Michael Connelly. Though it’s not a full time job, I’m making more money than with the craft store and finally able to buy a car. I’m there almost two years when a coworker from the bakery asks me if I’m looking for something with a solid forty hours. She gives me the info, I go in for the interview and they try to recruit me so fast they scare me off. It was just too good to be true. I accept the job for what is now my current job a couple months down the line.

See, now my story is starting to make sense. With my current employer I tried to move up the ladder twice as a trainer to no avail. The job was posted again, but I said forget it. I’m not interested in being told ‘no’ for a third time. Another totally different position opens up and I go for it and get it.

One day two of my coworkers in this department are talking. Liz is a writer and is working on her own young adult thing. Von is explaining to her this concept she has for a story, but needs help fleshing it out. Having loved creative writing in school and being the type to always have a story playing in an endless loop in the back of my head but never getting it down on paper, I offer to help her.

Now over a year later, we are close to completing the third book in our series, with many more series and fresh ideas to come. If things had not played out for me in the exact manner it did, I would still be day dreaming and procrastinating about writing and would have never met Von. It took a few bumps along the road and a few detours and closed roads, but I’m finally doing what I was born to do.

I explained this to Veronica. You may think that you’re being held back and things are unfair, but everything happens for a reason. It may be that you’re not be ready to move forward yet or there are people that God wants you to meet, but everything happens in Divine Order.